21st, December 2012

I was sitting on my sofa, under my favorite blanket. I know that this is a child’s thing, but I can’t help myself. But I was tired because on the previous night all dogs of the neighborhood were barking and my cats spend it running across the house, scratching everything like if they were trying to find shelter. It was a cold winter day, despite the shining sun, the temperature was very low. My Christmas tree was up, already half destroyed by my three crazy cats. I was sipping a mug of hot chocolate with whip cream. My friends told me that it is so much better with marshmallows, but I never tried it actually. To be completely honest I never even tasted one, I don’t know where to buy them here in Portugal.

I was watching a movie while my one year old daughter was fast asleep. I was concerned about the future, I was unemployed and the bills keep piling up and there was no light in the end of the tunnel. The crisis had arrived one year earlier and like most families mine was struggling to keep our heads above the water. All our saving went down the drain and now things were getting more complicated. We saw on TV politicians talk about expense and cuts. I thought that the end was near; soon no one could feed their children. And once in a while we heard about some war in some country that we never heard about before. I was lost in the movie forgetting all my troubles for ninety minutes, when a special announcement was made; an enormous space ship just appeared on top of the presidential house in Belem, Lisbon. When I heard that I thought it was a joke; until they showed a live feed from site. Our pink house was the scenery of both panic and apathy, some people were running and screaming, terrified of what they saw, others here just looking up in disbelief. It was like nothing I’d ever seen before, and I’ve seen sci-fi movies.

It was a huge, silvery ship. Not like the circular from the movies it was similar to the space shuttle but bigger; one entire block was under its shadow. It remained silent and still, like a ghost ship deserted, drifting in the sea at the mercy of the waves.

 A reporter tried to talk to someone about what was happening but no one seemed to be interested in appearing on TV, finally someone was interested on expressing his opinion.

«Hello can I talk to you, I’m from RTP. – Asked the reporter to a man that was looking up into the space ship astonished.

«Yes… – He mumbled.

«We are live to the entire world, I want to ask you what do you feel right know?

He looked at her directly as if he didn’t understand her question.

«How do I fell? You are asking me that? How is that possible? I was playing with my son when this huge space ship passed right above our heads, I am scared. Do you suppose I should feel something different than that?

She looked at him, he was right it was a stupid question.

During the rest of the day, all stations were showing the images of the ship. Different commentators were giving their opinion on the subject. Tired of everything I turned off my tv, tomorrow is another day.


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